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First time - weekly record holder

Hello everyone!

Since this is my first actual DEV post (if we disregard the hello one), and as the this weeks probable record holder in doing things for the first time in the past 2-3 days I will just shortly describe what is going on.

So, I already mentioned it in a hello post, but basically I am doing my first days as a Developer Advocate - a complete newbie. Since a major part of that role involves content creation I figured that I should probably go hard from the start and do some additional skills crafting in that field.

Now you might be like "Ok, you crafting skills - good for you.". Well, yes, I am crafting them by creating content and writing my first blogpost, on my first blog, on my first website. Told you, a lot of first-time (technically tho this might be counted as my second blogpost, but nevertheless - you got the point).

My point here is not that smart. This post serves just to encourage any one of you that actually might be thinking you are not good enough to start with something new - don't worry, even if you are not the best in it at this point YOU WILL eventually GET THERE if you truly go for it.

You might get some more of my content @ TECHIE CHRONICLE, well, not much there right now, but in future should be more of it for sure.

Now that I sneakily introduced my blog I'll let you rest. Yes, you have been tricked.

I will keep it at this for now.
Until next time, stay safe and stay tuned.


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