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Adding Google Authentication Feature.

Hey everyone! In this article, we will be adding a new feature Google AUTH to our login Form.
Let's start with basics install a react app using the below commands in the terminal.

npx create-react-app google_auth
cd google_auth
npm start
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Now, let's quickly install a very popular package react-google-login to display a β€œLog in with Google” button which will help us in retrieving information about the user and will also handle displaying a google login prompt.

npm install react-google-login
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Now after that write these lines of code in the App.js file i have added the explanation to each line

import React from 'react'
import GoogleLogin from 'react-google-login';  // importing library
const App = () => {

  // Function for displaying response in console
  const displayResponse = (res) => {


  return (
      {/* It takes some props as clientId , ButtonText
      onSuccess , onFailure, cookiePolicy= {single_host_origin} */}
         buttonText="Login with Google"

export default App;
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Now, as you can see the clientId is yet not there, so for that go to "Google API console" and in there add a new project, just add your project name and done.
Now switch to the project which you just added. Go to credentials.
After that go to configure consent screen and after that click on "External" after that click on create.
Now it will ask you to fill in some more details like application name(not the same as your project's name). You have to also enter the support email id and after that just keep on clicking save and next.
Now, go back to the credentials tab again and click on create credentials. Here click on Create OAuth client ID and in there add application type to be Web application and add URI to where you want to use your google login.
Yuhuu!!! we generated our keys.
Now, simply copy and paste the code in the code editor where clientID ="Our Above steps result".

Now, just run your react app and click on the login button you will see something like this

and after you log in with any of the accounts it will display it in the console.


I have attached the GitHub code for the same.
Thank You!!!πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

Discussion (5)

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paras231 • Edited on

Will it work after deployment? Or it only works on localhost

kirtisingh3008 profile image
Kirti Author

No, only for the localhost. Once you deploy your application you go to Google API console and go where you have added localhost, there add URI of your deployed app also, then it will work after deployment also.

paras231 profile image

Thank you

deepakjaiswal profile image

That's great kirti

kirtisingh3008 profile image
Kirti Author

Thank you :)