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Discussion on: Pratt Parsing

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What is the difference between pratt parsing and Antlr's method?
Are they the same ?

About Antlr's method can look this:
The Definitive ANTLR 4 Reference》-> ANTLR Reference -> Removing Direct Left-Recursion -> Left-Recursive Rule Transformations

I think they seem to be the same,I want to know your opinion. thanks!

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Jonathan Apodaca Author

I forget which class of Parser ANTLR4 generates but I thought it was LALR or something similar. I am not familiar enough with how ANTLR works internally to make any equivalency comparisons with Pratt parsing.

One of the things I value is being able to maintain code directly (instead of relying on a code-generator, such as ANTLR, or YACC/BISON, etc.), so that is why I gravitated to Pratt parsing. Some folks in this field would disagree with me be countering that maintaining a grammar is easier than maintaining parsing code. However, when one does not rely on too many layers of abstraction, it comes with the benefit of flexibility.

I'm also the type of person who does not like too much "magic", and having a parser generator generate code for me that works without my understanding it does not settle well with me. Eventually I would like to study how parser generators work, but for now, Pratt parsing struck that balance of simplicity that I craved.