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50 Python Projects with Source Code

Kiran Sethumadhavan
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Python Projects For Beginners:
If you’re a newbie to Python where you’ve just learned lists, tuples, dictionaries, and some basic Python modules like the random module, here are some Python projects with source code for beginners for you:

1 Create Acronyms using Python (

2 Alarm Clock with Python (
3 Email Slicer with Python(

4 Story Generator with Python (

5 Generate Password with Python(

6 Play Rock, Paper, and Scissors with Python(

7 Dice Roll Simulator (

8 QR Code Generator(

9 Animal Quiz Game(

10 Print Coloured Text(

11 BMI Calculator(

12 Fahrenheit to Celcius Converter(

13 Taking Multiple User Inputs(

14 Convert Roman Numbers to Decimals(

Advance Python Projects:

15 Digital Clock GUI

16 Get Desktop Notifications with Python(

17 Use Your Phone Camera for Computer Vision(

18 Music Player GUI (

19 Game of Life with Python(

20 Extract Text from videos(

21 Fidget Spinner Game(

22 Spelling Correction with Python(

23 Create Amazing Graphics with Python(

24 Monty Hall Simulator(

25 Video to Audio Converter(

26 Tic Tac Toe GUI(

27 Calculator GUI (

28 Number Guessing Game(

29 Image Converter GUI(

30 Weight Converter GUI(

31 Visualize a Chess Board with Python(

32 Age and Gender Detection (

33 Bar Code and QR Code Reader(

34 Create Audiobook with Python(

35 FaceDetection

36 Extract Text from PDF(

37 Card Game using DS and Algo(

38 Web Scrapper with Python

39 Create a Pencil Sketch using Python(

40 Text Editor GUI(

41 Instagram Filters with Python

42 Count Number of Rainy days in a year(

43 Send Emails with Python

44 Image Segmentation

45 OTP Verification GUI

46 Deploy a Chatbot

47 Create a Telegram Bot

48 Scraping Twitter without API

49 Text to Speech Converter

50 Keyword Research with Python

1 .Scrape Wikipedia

2.Web Scraping to create a CSV

3.Scrape Instagram

4.Image Filtering

  1. 3D Graphs (

*Do you want to Kickstart a career in CyberSecurity and want to know how hackers hack in real life . *

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