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Importance of Big Data

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The upheaval of data is moderately new. Before the recent years, the majority of the data was put away on paper, film, or some other simple media; just one-fourth of all the world’s put away data was advanced. But now the scenario has been changed. TB’s of data has been creating on every day. So to deal with the huge of data we use the concepts of Big Data for smarter Business decisions. So the employment opportunities have been drastically increasing in Big Data Domain.

I have received a lot many emails regarding Big Data. In this blog, I would like to tell the Basic Introduction & Importance of Big Data. I’m working as a Big Data Engineer and I would recommend taking this Big Data Training which helps me to land a job in Big Data

What is Big Data?

Big Data deals with a huge amount of data, doesn’t matter whether the data has been structured data/unstructured data. There are a lot of companies that deal with big data for their business decisions and insights.
Big Data deal with 3V’s
Volume and
Use of Big Data
Challenges that we face with Big Data
Storing data
Searching data
Sharing data
Transferring data

How to Deal with Big Data?
The problem has been solved by the usage of a Database server called MapReduce.The algorithm divides tasks into smaller parts and those are assigned to several computers, and these computers collect the results to form the final result dataset.

Sectors uses Big Data every day
5)Social Media etc

Based on the usage the demand has been drastically increasing and can make career in Big Data

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