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Developer diary #2. Cross-platform pain

Today I worked on the configuration of the KMP project. Every time, it confuses me, because it looks so complicated. Build Gradle file that contains some magic, that makes the project runnable. If you try to understand what each line of code means, you will be more confused. Because in different articles, this is described differently. 

One additional moment that I hate is that if you create a new KMP project, very often it has a differents setup. It happens, because there are many ways to set up the KMP project (different wizards, different versions of plugins, etc.). How result, every time, as the first time.

And If you want to increase complexity, you should only try setting up different flavors for the KMP project. You should configure separately Android, iOS and common parts for this. I didn't find inbuilt solutions for this. Only several workarounds for this. 

One additional plugin that simulate the behavior of the BuildConfi file for KMP.
Interesting variant of splitting module dependency based on flavors.
And discussion in slack about this. 

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