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Developer diary #10. Lost contributions

On the start of my carrier, I practiced challenge one hundred days of coding. During this time, I tried to add at least one commit in my repository.  It were pet projects, scripts or bugfixes in open-source projects. The GitHub contribution diagram helped to keep tracking this process and played the role of achievement and satisfaction, when you saw all green squares. 

Last time, when I went to check my diagram after last push, I found that all squares are grey.What is going on? After short investigation, I found several reasons why it happens. 

First, I committed under my work email, because it was set up globally. You can faster fix it by just adding new email to your profile. Unfortunately, It didn't work for me, because I have a work GitHub account registered to this email. Simplest solution is just setup required email for concrete repository. You can do this by command

git config ""

Second, GitHub tracks only commits in default branch.  It is not problem, because you get back your contributions after marge in default branch. I think, it is not work in case when merge with squash. More about counting contributions, you can find in documentation.

I want to back to contribution challenge to make daily routine more enjoyable. If interesting, you can check my repo here and don't forget to add some stars for me.

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