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Setup Obniz Board as a counter & store data in Kintone Web Database all in 10 minutes!

Setup Obniz Board as a counter & store data in Kintone Web Database all in 10 minutes!


What is Obniz Board?

Obniz Board is an IoT Microprocessor that is easily programable with JavaScript!

The code can be stored on the cloud & you have full device control with just one JavaScript library, making it an ideal IoT device for a hackathon.

2-min video on Obniz Board's functionality:

What is Kintone?

Kintone is acloud platform that creates Web Databases ridiculously quickly!
Databases are created with intuitive drag-and-drop GUI and since your data lives in the cloud, no need to worry about servers to maintain. Control everything on your browser or use REST API.


Get an Obniz Board

Obniz Board is on Amazon for $49 (At the time of publishing).

This tutorial assumes you are using the original Obniz Board, but you can use their newer Obniz Board 1Y as well.

Connect Obniz Board to WiFi

Now that you are a proud owner of Obniz Board, time to plug it in & connect it to WiFi.

Overview of the parts
Graphic overview of the Obniz Board. Micro USB: power can be turned on/off by connecting/disconnecting to the battery; Dial switch: cursor is moved when turning the dial witch. Click the dial switch to select it; 12x IOs with motor driver (up to 1A) & Analog Input

We will be using the Dial Switch as the input mechanism.

Step 1: Plug-in the Obniz Board to power via Micro USB cable

Turn on the Obniz Board by plugging in a Micro USB that is connected to a charger, battery, or PC.

Step 2: Connect to the Obniz Board's network from your PC

Obniz Board can act as a WiFi access point for configuring it from a browser.

The network name will be obniz-XXXXXXXXXX

Step 3: Open

Step 4: Select the target WiFi network's SSID from the pull-down menu

Step 5: Enter the password in alphanumeric characters.

Step 6: Press "Connect" button to complete the process.

Login Page Success Page

Success + obnizID

Once you have your Obniz Board successfully connected to the internet, a QR Code and the 8-digit obnizID will be displayed.

For details on the process, refer to Obniz Document on Setting from Browser.

If an error is displayed or Obniz Board is not starting up, refer to Obniz Troubleshooting Guide

Configure the Script.js

The code needed for this Obniz Board x Kintone integration is below.
Save the code as Script.js and replace the Xs in Line 5 with your obnizID.

⚠️ If you do not update the script with your obnizID, you will get a prompt each time you view the Kintone Database App.

(() => {
  'use strict';

  // Instantiate Obniz with Obniz ID & set callback function
  const obniz = new Obniz('XXXX-XXXX');'', event => {
    obniz.onconnect = async () => {
      let count = 0;

      // Gets the input from the built-in black switch
      // Switch's 4 states: "none", "push", "left", "right"
      obniz.switch.onchange = function (state) {
        if (state === 'right') {
        } else if (state === 'left') {
        } else if (state === 'push') {
          // Kintone REST API Request
          // kintone.api(pathOrUrl, method, params, opt_callback, opt_errback)

          const pathOrUrl = kintone.api.url('/k/v1/record', true);

          const method = 'POST';

          const body = {
            'record': {
              'Number': {
                'value': count

          kintone.api(pathOrUrl, method, body,
            function (resp) {
              // Successful API Call
            function (error) {
              // Error
          obniz.display.print('Saved to Kintone');

        // Display the current count on Obniz
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Code's Author

The above code is in large part by written by @RyBB.
RyBB is a Technical Evangelist at Cybozu where he promotes fun hacks using the Kintone Platform. Check out his Japanese articles at Qitta @RyBB.

Get a FREE Kintone Developer License

Sign up for the FREE Kintone Developer License by filling out this web form:

When selecting your subdomain, please...

  • ⚑ Only use lowercase, numbers, & hyphens
  • ⚠ Do not use uppercase or special characters

The Subdomain will be used to access your Kintone Database.

  • Your Kintone login link will be
  • Example:

By default, the login name is your email.

Create the Database

Databases in Kintone are called "Apps".

This video will go over how to make a Kintone Database for this project.
The steps it takes are also written below.

  1. Log in to your Kintone Subdomain
  2. Find the "Apps" section on the left side of the Portal page
    • Click on the [ + ] button on the left side
    • Kintone Portal > Create Apps Button
  3. Select the "Create App from Scratch" button from the Kintone Marketplace page
    • Create App from Scratch button
  4. Name the Database by clicking on & replacing New App with Obniz Counter
    • Gif to name the app Obniz Counter
  5. Drag-&-Drop a Number field, click on the left gear βš™οΈ icon & name it Count
  6. Drag-&-Drop the Created datetime field
  7. Click the green Save Form button
    • Gif to drag the required fields and set field settings
  8. Click the App Settings tab, then click on the JavaScript and CSS Customization section
  9. Under the Upload JavaScript for PC section, click on the Add Link button & past-in
    • This is the CDN URL to the Obniz's JavaScript library
  10. Still under the Upload JavaScript for PC section, click on the Add File and upload the Script.js file from the Configure the Script.js section
  11. Click the blue Save button at the top
  12. Finally, click on the blue Activate App button
    • Upload JavaScript Gif

Your Kintone Database is now ready!

You can access it from the Portal Page under the Apps section.


Time to test your new counter!

  1. Open your browser to Kintone Database App's Record List View.
    • ⚠️ Enter your obnizID a prompt requesting it appears. To prevent this prompt from appearing in the future, configure the Script.js with your obnizID.
  2. Verify if Obniz Board is connected by seeing it display a PIN ASSIGN screen like below.
    • Black nub on Obniz
  3. Now move the Dial Switch (Black Wheel Nob, Top Left) to the Right and click Click it
  4. A new record in the Obniz Counter Database App should appear with 1 as the count.
Record List Page Record Details Page
Blue record button on All Records view Count field from Record Detail view

πŸ“ΊοΈ Demo Video


This tutorial went through how you get started with Obniz Board and connect it to a Kintone Database!

If you have any questions or problems with Kintone, post a comment & I will help you out!

If you have any questions or problems with Obniz Board, tweet at them at @obniz_io or make a post in their forum.

References for Obniz Board

References for Kintone

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