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KintoneRestAPIError: [403] [CB_NO02] No privilege to proceed. Error when using the kintone-customize-uploader CLI tool

This is an error related to account permissions and kintone-customize-uploader

If you encounter the KintoneRestAPIError: [403] [CB_NO02] No privilege to proceed., it most likely concerns the account used to execute the kintone-customize-uploader cli tool.

Full Error Message

An error occurred, retry
Failed to update customize setting
KintoneRestAPIError: [403] [CB_NO02] No privilege to proceed. (SoyMA67jQV6mU3NHzTyH)
    at KintoneResponseHandler.handleErrorResponse (/Users/username/.nodenv/versions/18.14.2/lib/node_modules/@kintone/customize-uploader/node_modules/@kintone/rest-api-client/lib/KintoneResponseHandler.js:57:15)
    at /Users/username/.nodenv/versions/18.14.2/lib/node_modules/@kintone/customize-uploader/node_modules/@kintone/rest-api-client/lib/KintoneResponseHandler.js:35:123
    at process.processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:95:5)
Child process exited with code: 1 and signal:. Terminating parent process...
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The cause is that the account used to upload the customization files to the Kintone App is not a Kintone Administrator.

As specified in the Customizing an App Using JavaScript and CSS help document, only Kintone Administrators are allowed to upload JS & CSS customization files to any Kintone Apps.

Note that JavaScript and CSS files can be uploaded on Kintone only by Kintone Administrators.


Use an account with Kintone Administrator privilege when executing the kintone-customize-uploader.

To upgrade a Kintone account to have Kintone Administrator privilege:

  1. Log into your Kintone Subdomain with the Kintone Admin account

  2. Click the ⚙️ in the header.

  3. Click the Users & System Administration option.

    • ⚠️ If the link does not appear, you do not have administrative privilege, so you cannot modify a Kintone account.
    • Screenshot: Kintone's Users & System Administration setting highlighted
  4. Click the Administrators from the left-side menu.

  5. Enter the user's display name or login name in the search box to search for the target user. Moreover, you can expand the department tree and find the target user.

  6. Select the users you want to add as administrators.

    • Screenshot: Kintone's Administrator setting where example users are selected
  7. Click the Add button.

  8. Confirm that the target users are added to the "Administrators" section.

  9. Click the Save button.


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