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The Best Way To Learn To Code - Newbie Developers

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I wrote a new post on here: CODEHANCE

which I wanted to share with you, maybe it might be of use to you :)

This is a post I wish I read when I was a junior developer. If you get these foundation steps wrong you could end up wasting months or even years and worst-case scenario you give up on your journey to learn to code.

From my experience, learning any skill, including learning to code requires four main ingredients, namely: dedication, time, persistence and finally a direction.

The fourth ingredient “direction” is often the stumbling block for a lot of newbies learning to code, a lot of time and effort goes into learning programming languages and frameworks but in the end, they find it challenging to land the elusive first coding job. Why is this the case?

In this post, I will outline 7 best ways to learn to code that ensure that you are constantly heading in the right direction, have a solid attainable goal and removes any feeling of being overwhelmed during the process.


  1. Know WHY you want to learn to code
  2. Research local vacancies near you
  3. Build a learning roadmap
  4. Start online coding courses
  5. Build a community around you
  6. Apply for jobs before you are ready
  7. Document everything as you learn

To read the post in full details, click the link below:
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