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Data structure everywhere

Everywhere we look and everything we use has in some degree a data structure implemented. If we look close enough to observe the intricates of the world arround us , soon will start picking up parttens on how everything arround us fits in just right.

In the world of quatum mechanics and science , our world itself is a marvel . From how just they seem to be enough room for everyone and a constant time to chip in the right seasons and moments. Most renowed scientist and physicist have called this a dimenssion .

And now using real world examples to mirror how data structure is impelemented in the digital world.

Post to be continued…

Discussion (2)

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Andrew Baisden

Without data structures life just would not be the same.

kinginthenorthcodez profile image
Kinginthenorthcodez Author

@andrew Life as we know it would be chaos, imagine everything in its Un natural order.