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Valet - Windows 10, Acrylic DNS, Host Problem

Hi everyone,
I installed Valet on Windows 10 following this guide:

However I can't seem to get my top level domain for Valet to be found. I have tried changing Valet's TLD to .app, .valet, .test, .dev as TLD's but none of them work. I ping foo.valet and it responds with not found. Have set up using Acrylic DNS on Windows 10, flushed the DNS on Chrome, flushed the DNS on Windows, restarted the machine, restarted the network adapter, but to no avail. Valet, PHP, Composer, are all running. It's just when I try to load in Chrome, I get "ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED" and ping results in "ping request could not find host".
Any help is greatly appreciated.


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dan • Edited

first, you need to make sure that port 80 and 9001 not currently in use. Port 9001 will be used by AcrylicDNS as a proxy. At first I had trouble make it work because it turned out that the port was already being used by an Intel service. I didn't know which one, so I turned everything off via msconfig.

disable intel service in msconfig

To make the .test domain work without changing the hosts file, all you need to do is change the IP and DNS settings on the virtual network device on your computer to This virtual network device is used as a Loopback, so even if you are not connected to the internet, you can still use the domain .test

This network device is in addition to a LAN card and a Wifi Adapter. You can add it by running Hardawe Wizard

  1. Start +R on the keyboard
  2. In the Run window, type hdwwiz then pressEnter, if there is a warning select Yes
  3. Next, then select blablabla install manualy (advance), Next
  4. Select Network Adapter, Next
  5. On the left select Microsoft, on the right side select blablabla Loopback Adapter, Next
  6. Finish

For LAN Cards and Wifi Adapters, you can leave the IP settings but point the DNS to For the Loopback Adapter you can set it like this

image below uses hyper-v, but it's the same if using loopback

change the ip and dns

hope this helps, please forgive my bad english.
this tutorial is copied from my bahasa indonesia blog

edit :
dang! i missread the date of your post for 2020