bought my first macbook

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Hi. I just bought my first Macbook Pro. I also bought this to develop/deploy mobile applications across different platforms.

I find mac good for developers, Do you agree ?
Also if you know good mac applications that can help productivity. List it down below. Thank you!

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I love Macs. To be honest, it's ever so slightly easier to have a windows machine because we're a Microsoft development house and everyone else has one, but....I just prefer the experience on Mac, so I got myself a Mac Mini and it's ace.

Productivity wise, I keep it quite simple:

  • Notion for writing articles, keeping notes, etc.
  • Franz for grouping a lot of web-based apps under one might app, so I have my home and work GMail accounts on there, slack embedded in, and it keeps me from having a billion other apps open :)

I've been using MacBook Pros for about 10 years now after being a die-hard PC guy before then, and I would find it very difficult to go back. The multi-touch gestures on the trackpad are clutch.

I'd highly recommend checking out Sourabh Bajaj's macOS Setup Guide. IIRC he's some high-level engineer at Google, and he's made a great guide to development programs/OS setup. You might not need everything he covers (I don't), but it's a great guide to pick and choose from.

Also, last time I set up my MBP, I made a document of all the setup tweaks I made - if you ever get a new one or do a factory reset, it makes the process of getting it back how you like it a whole lot easier!


Yea. I love the trackpad. It just makes me feel comfortable while coding also I can easily get the coffee on my right hand.


4 apps that make macOS special for me:
Karabiner - pqrs.org/osx/karabiner/
spectacle - spectacleapp.com
Alfred - alfredapp.com
brew - brew.sh

Karabiner - for complex key shortcuts, I personally use it for caps+hjkl - arrows, caps+space -enter, caps+bcksp - delete, and some other hyper keys
Spectacle - window snapping - send windows to another monitor, half-screen left, half screen right
Alfred - spotlight on steroids

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