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Interesting. This is about as far from the reality I have seen as a professional programmer for more than 15 years. Every developer I know complains if forced to use Windows for development as it is slow as hell and the tool chains are cr*p (unless they are by Microsoft and for Windows apps only).
Everyone uses Linux as all the tools are available there, it is fast and can be modified easily to fit everyone's needs. If some company policy forces the devs to use Windows or macos then they still prefer Linux in a VM over the other alternatives.
I do not recognize the stability mentioned with macos. For various reasons I have had to develop ios and macos apps which forces you to use macos. Never have I seen so many crashes, cpu hogs gone Wilde and memory disappearing for no good reason. Xcode is about as bad as any tool can be and constantly crashed - especially during debug sessions which forced us to restart everything as it could not reconnecd to the ios devices after that point.
But hey, there might be some Web devs or similar that fint it usable.


If some company policy forces the devs to use Windows or macos then they still prefer Linux in a VM

That's not my experience. In the last 15 years or so, most of the programmers I've worked with have preferred MacOS, a minority Windows and I've only known one or two who genuinely used Linux as their host OS - I'm one of them :)


You should get new friends 😊 I have yet to find others than Web devs (who are more fronted designers) that actually like macos. It is just too closed down for hardcore development. We have around 200 devs where I sit (c/c++/python/perl/java/kotlin/asm) and less than a handful use win, no macs at all. Seems to be the same with most of the companies we work with.
Anyways, the fun how it differs in some orgs around the world.

I totally agree (except for a couple of exceptions of developers I respect and use Mac).
This is probably the same case discussed in other posts above: developers that need Windows or Mac to use Photoshop... whaaaaath??

In my experience, it's usually because of the (genuine) reputation of Macs being reliable, fast and pretty, the (false) reputation of Linux being unreliable or technically confusing, and the (false) reputation of them being somehow "better" for graphics or design.
The last isn't usually relevant to programming, but phrases like "web design" have muddied the water in recent years. They're also a status symbol in places like the US because of their price.

Most people who've used them would agree MacOS is a better general-purpose programming environment than Windows, but the trek to MacOS is daunting for someone used to Windows (and vice-versa). The switch to Linux is seen as daunting by both camps. Almost nobody starts off on Linux.

I agree.
My question is: If MacOs fits your development requirements, why Linux shouldn't?

If you are developing for MacOS, then you'll need MacOS to do it on. That's all I can think of.

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