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Rust is taking off?

It is very interesting to observe the raise of Rust. Just a few years ago it was a niche language used by Mozilla and couple of other big tech companies as a modern replacement for C.

Linux kernel followed as well (see But still it was far away from main stream development most of the programmers doing every day.

Then Rust revolutionized JS tooling because of esbuild, JavaScript bundler and minifier created in 2020, which was order of magnitude faster than everything on the market at the moment.

This way Rust has become a huge part of everyday experience for many-many people building web sites using modern tooling. Not sure, if there is one new project done with webpack instead of esbuild now 🙂

Next big appearance happened when Elon Musk announced his new X.AI project with LLM called Grok and written from scratch in Rust. See "Engineering" section on

After that Rust has come to the desktop environment with Zed, modern text editor with GPU rendering support from authors of Atom. See for details.

When developers adopt something for the projects they do during their free time or for their own side projects I take it like a proper take off of the language or a framework. Looks like Rust has finally achieved it.

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