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Numpy in Python.

Hemanth Varma
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Numpy which stands for Numeric Python is a Python library used for working with arrays. It also has functions for working in the domain of linear algebra, Fourier transform, and matrices.

NumPy was created in 2005 by Travis Oliphant as an open-source project and one can use it freely.

Why Numpy?
Numpy is a Python library that is written in Python, but the parts that require fast computation are written in C or C++. For this reason, working with Numpy array is much faster than working with Python lists.

Numpy being an open-source project has thousands of contributors working to keep NumPy fast, friendly, and bug-free. Numpy is hugely popular these days due to its use in various fields and tasks.

Uses of Numpy :
Numpy has numerous uses. Normal arithmetic and statistical operations are simple to implement Numpy. Various trigonometric calculations can also be done. Other uses are broadcasting, linear algebra, matrix operations, stacking, copying and manipulating arrays.

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