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Talend: Why is 'healthy data' in Snowflake important?

Partner news is almost never fascinating.

Most partner announcements consist of a fabricated reel of reciprocal backslapping bonhomie aimed to make both firms (or more) feel good about their corporate relationship.

So brace yourselves.

Talend, a data integration and management business, has acquired 'elite tier' partner status with Snowflake, which bills itself as the data cloud company.

If that wasn't enough, Talend has been authorized by Snowflake as a Snowflake Ready Technology Validation Partner for the second time, a prestigious honor that proves how Talend complies to Snowflake's best practices for performance, reliability, and security.

Examine complete datasets

Iyengar argues that Snowflake users may improve their efficiency and accuracy by doing quality tests on complete datasets without using other programs or relocating sample sets with a "simple" click.

He claims that by keeping processing within Snowflake, no data leaves the environment, it also addresses data privacy and sovereignty problems. Talend runs, computes, and scales totally natively within Snowflake leveraging Snowpark and Java UDF capabilities, reducing risks, complexity, and costs while also assisting enterprises in meeting compliance standards and regulations.

Happiness in Mental Health

Finally, Mental Health Concern, a UK-based non-profit devoted to delivering free mental health services, is utilizing Talend and Snowflake to provide integrated, healthy data for decision-making. The organization required a single, scalable, and dependable source of truth in order to change swiftly and without disruption. Mental Health Concern may now integrate numerous systems and data sources, making dependable information more accessible and trustworthy to stakeholders within the organization.

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