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Supercharge your morning routine

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In the last 2 months I have started trying to grow on Twitter, created a YouTube account and actively post videos. I started learning serverless framework, changed jobs, worked on my side projects and still have time to do the things I enjoy, but how have I done it? I supercharged my morning routine.

Its not just the morning

It's funny how I call this the morning routine when the evening routine plays such a critical part in the making the morning work.

Before we can talk about the morning routine we need to talk about the evening routine and more importantly, sleep! I recently watched Matthew Walkers MasterClass on sleep.

In this masterclass he covers the ins and outs of sleep and why it's so important and how to do it right. And I realised, like a lot of people, I had been neglecting my sleep by being very inconsistent. I used to wake for work at 6/6.30 and go to bed anywhere between 10 and 12. Then at weekends I would wake up at 9 and go to bed anywhere between 11 - 1am. A lot of people are the same, they have a schedule through the week then it goes out of the window at weekend.

Weekend is when people "catch up" on their sleep debt (which actually isn't effective at all). I found that on Sunday evening going to sleep for work on Monday was always my worst nights sleep, I was much more restless than any other night of the week. And it was all to do with my sleep consistency.

Fixing my sleep

Fixing sleep consistency. The first step towards powering up my morning routine was fixing my sleep consistency. To do this I now follow a strict evening plan:

  • No caffeine after midday - Caffeine has a half life of approximately 8 hours, so if I have a cup of coffee at 4pm its like waking up at midnight to drink half a cup of coffee, When you think of it like this its pretty clear to imagine the impact it has on your sleep
  • no screens after 9pm, stop that evil blue light keeping you up. Ideally this could be earlier but this seems to be working for now.
  • In bed at 9.30pm and reading until a cutoff of 10, then its sleeping mask on, I find reading naturally helps me wind down.

Consistency is key

The next bit is setting a consistent morning time. So I wake up at 5am every morning, it was very very hard at first. Naturally you may not be a morning person, so don't try and force yourself to do this if its not in your bodies best interest. just set a consistent time that suits you.

The key thing here is consistency, bed at the same time, wake up at the same time. This means weekends too. I follow the same evening patterns and the same morning patterns as much as I possibly can.

The morning routine

Now the bit that has made me so much more productive and given me time to do a lot more thing. Building your morning routine!

I wake up, and just get up. It's hard sometimes and you want to hit snooze or lay just that extra minute.... resist. I leave my clothes by the side of the bed the evening before so I can step out of bed, grab my clothes go to the bathroom and get ready.

Do things to make it easier for yourself, change your heating timing to come on before you wake up so you are not tempted to stay in bed whilst the house warms up!

Once I'm dressed and ready to go I come downstairs have a quick glass of water then get the dog ready and go out for a walk. Before I had the the dog I would just go out for a walk anyway. This is amazing (especially at 5am). Its so quiet, just a nice peaceful walk to wake you up and make sure your active before you start your day, it really clears your mind. Usually this brings me to around 5.30/5.40 when I get back home.

When I get back home I can spend some time planning out my day, but first I make a nice cup of coffee and a bit of breakfast. To plan my day I use todoist. And I wrap up my days plan in there. usually its a simple list with categories and subtasks

todoist plan

Once that's done I will complete any of the tasks I can right away so I can forget about them for the rest of the day, such as taking the bins out and throwing some washing in, or writing a script for a YouTube video. And then I do the rest through the day when I find the time.

The good thing with planning things out before the clock has even hit 6am means that I never suffer that late rushed to work feeling where everything is chaos. Every day I sit down at my desk to start working I know what I need to get completed that day.

Now you may spend the rest of your morning before shooting off to work executing the plan you have made above. I tend to create the plan, do a few tasks off it in the morning and then spend some time learning something.

At this point you have had food and drink, had a walk and planned out your day, so by now, your wide awake. Good time to pick up some new skills, I usually spend 30ish minutes on PluralSight or FrontendMasters just looking into some new tech. And its proven that if you nail down the consistent sleep stuff we talked about earlier, this stuff will stick in your memory much much better!

And thats how I supercharged my morning routine:

  • Go to bed at the same time
  • Wake up at the same time
  • get some fresh air
  • have a coffee and some breakfast
  • plan the day
  • execute the plan
  • learn something

And that, in a nutshell, is how I managed to create an active YouTube channel, learn new technologies and work on my side projects whilst changing jobs.

What about you?

I would love to hear what you think of my advice! How do you supercharge your mornings?

Check out this post on my website!

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laraneedscoffee profile image

Ever since I read Roben Sharma's book the 5-am club I wanted to get on board, but I could not. I missed the night before routine every day, and I can't get out of bed.
I loved the no screen time after 9:30, I think that would really help the body and mind to get to sleep mode.
Thanks for sharing this it is inspirational! Hope I can join you soon at the 5-am club :)

kieranmv95 profile image
Kieran Venison Author

Very good book! I did enjoy it! Combine that with the masterclass sleep guide and you have yourself a winning combo 👌

laraneedscoffee profile image

let see, crossed fingers!

yannick_rest profile image
Yannick Rehberger

I have a few colleagues who are in the 5 am club and I also try it every now and then to belong to it - unfortunately so far without success. I think the evening routine is the crucial point here. Thanks for the good article and the renewed incentive to try it :)

kieranmv95 profile image
Kieran Venison Author

No problem, and good luck!

hasnaindev profile image
Muhammad Hasnain

Sadly, my job timing is from 2 PM to 11 PM because we work with US, UK and Canada based clients and we take a lot of breaks during the job. Even though, I wake up at 11 AM, workout, have a breakfast, honestly no idea but the day passes and I'm not as productive as I'd like to be.

I've been thinking about this for a few weeks now and I feel stuck. One thing I take away from this beautiful post is about sleep. I need to fix my sleep and make it more consistent.

kieranmv95 profile image
Kieran Venison Author • Edited

I understand the struggle, I have worked with a company that had offices in both US and Indian timezones and it was a tricky situation.

The key is to find any consistent timings for yourself and use them to your advantage, I understand that may be tricky / impossible at times though!

hasnaindev profile image
Muhammad Hasnain

Exactly, I'll try my best!

rubyandcoffee profile image
Alexandra Wolfe

Great article, thanks for sharing!

kieranmv95 profile image
Kieran Venison Author

Thankyou 😁

measomvanessa profile image
Vanessa Measom

Great article! I like to be my future friend by getting jobs done in the evening so I can wake up worrying less about what needs to be done. I'm always thankful to my past self when I see food has already been prepped, breakfast bowls are ready, washing is already in the washing machine ready to be turned on :)

kieranmv95 profile image
Kieran Venison Author

Thats a really good way of looking at it!