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An app I built now has 10,000 acquisitions!!

kid_jenius profile image Daniel ・1 min read

In 2019, I released a new app called Nightingale, the RAM-friendly REST client for developers. It uses 50MB while other REST clients use 500MB. And today, I'm pleased to share that Nightingale surpassed 10,000 unique acquisitions!

Incredible milestone, and I'm humbled by everyone's feedback and support. Can't wait to see what milestones will be broken in 2020! πŸŽ‰

If you're a developer, check out Nightingale here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/nightingale-rest-api-client/9n2t6f9f5zdn


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Congratulations! Do you have any plans of building it for linux, macOS?


I'd highly recommend Paw for macOS. Have been using it for a number of years for work and personal development.

Coincidentally, I discovered Nightingale via Twitter & Scott Hanselman when trying to find Windows alternatives to my favorite mac dev tools. Really amazing tool in the Windows developer's toolset. The platform badly needs such high-quality native tools to catch up to macOS. Keep up the good work! πŸ‘πŸΌ


That's awesome you heard about Nightingale from Scott! I remember when he retweeted about Nightingale and I nearly fainted!


Thank you! No plans for Linux yet, and for Mac, I wanted to port Nightingale. But Mac devices are expensive and I don't have the budget for one. Perhaps one day!


I feel like you're stealing my thunder 😭 I'm just sharing my excitement for a personal project I created. I'm not asking anyone to use it. I'm not trying to start a competition. Just sharing my celebration 😭


Sorry lol I'll delete my message :)


Congratulations ! It looks good. Same question : any plans for a linux version ? What is the tech behind it ?


Thanks! Nightingale is written in C# and XAML for optimal performance. No plans for Linux yet, but hopefully some time in the future!


Amazing tool!

Any plans to open source whole or parts of it?


Yes! There are plans to open source Nightingale's core! Keep an eye out for this repo: github.com/jenius-apps/nightingale...