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Kiara Johnson
Kiara Johnson

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Joining a Bootcamp

UT Coding Bootcamp

Tomorrow, I start the UT coding bootcamp to accelerate my learning for Web Development. I have been on my coding journey for about a year and a half so far. I've started and joined a few free bootcamps and other free online learning tracks. I've learned along the way that I'm not the best at self teaching myself and I need some form of live instruction/tutoring to keep me on track. To say I'm excited to start this new venture is an understatement. I've completed the prework and built a simple study guide this week with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Check it out here: Study Guide.
The prework included learning soft-skills like developing a web developer mindset, how to debug, joining the web developer community, and commenting in your code. I'm excited to see what's in store for me for the next 6 months and what I will accomplish.

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Javel Rowe

That's great news! Learning how you learn best is definitely an important part of the journey. Good luck! 🚀

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Kiara Johnson

Thank you for the words of encouragement!