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How to install Apache APISIX Dashboard with Docker in Windows

What is APISIX?

Apache APISIX is Cloud-Native API Gateway. It provides rich traffic management features like Load Balancing, Dynamic Upstream, Canary Release, Circuit Breaking, Authentication, Observability, and many more.

Reduce time fighting bugs, focus on designing world-class systems
Apache APISIX is the first Open source API gateway, with a built-in low-code Dashboard offering a powerful and flexible interface for developers to use. The Apache APISIX Dashboard is designed to make it as easy as possible for users to operate Apache APISIX through a frontend interface. It’s opensource and ever evolving, feel free to contribute.


  • Docker Desktop
  • Git
  • VS Code

In order to install APISIX Dashboard with Docker, first clone the repo:

git clone
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Terminal view after clonning the apisix-docker repository

Navigate to the "example" folder of the repo:

cd apisix-docker/example
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Now, we can start all modules with docker-compose as mentioned in the documentation of the repository:

docker-compose -p docker-apisix up -d
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Then we should see the screen similar to this one:

Docker compose finished on apisix-docker

If you check you Docker Desktop, you should see the list of running containers:

APISIX Containers running on the Docker Desktop

In order to open Dashboard running locally, you should visit this url:

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To get login credentials, open the clonned "docker-apisix" folder with VS Code:

APISIX Dahboard conf.yaml file

So, as we can see from the conf.yaml file, login credentials for admin and user are different:

Username: admin
Password: admin

Username: user
Password: user
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After succesfull login, welcome screen should be opened:

APISIX Dashboard image

That's it for this tutorial. I hope it will be helpful to get started with Apache APISIX. You can also watch the demonstratio of these steps above on our YouTube video. Comment below, if you have any question and share this post to help other developers to learn something new. If you want to contribute APISIX project, please visit this link.

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