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3 Signs You Need an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service)

With constantly-changing business ideas, it is now more vital than ever to stay ahead of the competition. Gone are the times when a standalone application could fulfill clients' needs while also achieving their growth goals. Today's fast-paced world demands a multitasking workplace, which is impossible to achieve without a mix of programs working simultaneously to complete different aspects of a single activity. Therefore, integration is essential, and iPaaS technologies ensure that it is done to the maximum of their abilities.

What Is iPaaS

iPaaS integrates previously disparate technologies to provide a single solution. It establishes a channel of communication across different systems, enabling integration and information sharing. As our reliance on the cloud grows, iPaaS enables organizations to gain more value from their current systems. Many people now consider iPaaS to be essential to any business strategy. Most businesses use a variety of systems, particularly in their marketing, sales, and service divisions. iPaaS is a platform that enhances communication across data silos by connecting systems and software to better communicate information within and external of the organization.

Once implemented, iPaaS establishes a centralized ecosystem for viewing, managing, and modifying all data, infrastructures, and activities. This supervision provides you with a comprehensive perspective of the system, allowing you to change products, communicate information, and offer market solutions.

Signs That You Are in Need of iPaaS

As you understand what the iPaaS platform is, let's look at some of the factors that indicate that your company needs iPaaS.

#1 You put great emphasis on core functionality

It will take some time to create a suitable integration that addresses your business cases. You may be able to get through without iPaaS, but the pressure on your developer team will be significant. Unfortunately, it is not an issue that will go away on its own. iPaaS automates and simplifies much of the labor, allowing your IT department to focus on making a difference and solving business challenges elsewhere. With iPaaS, you can concentrate on your key business needs and the execution of your core functions.

#2 You intend to create an integration with various applications and platforms

Handling all integrations in-house is a difficult task. Manually establishing these integrations is complicated and time-consuming. iPaaS can integrate your solution with various applications and platforms you require. An iPaaS enables a company to combine a wide range of on-premise and cloud services and platforms with supporting data transfers, sync data, enhancing operational workflows, and getting increased flexibility.

#3 You want to reduce the risk of a data breach

A secure environment that can effectively prevent data breaches is the need of the hour. Implementing an iPaaS reduces the threat of data breaches substantially. Because the iPaaS platform is constantly monitored, it can keep an eye out for any potential hazards. In addition, the iPaaS platform implements data flow authentication and data encryption methods for the whole business environment. These controls may protect your client's trust while also keeping your compliance with CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, and other regulations.

Popular iPaaS Tools

Integration platform as a service is the driving force behind digital corporate transformation. This is a selection of a few well-known providers in the iPaaS sector.


This iPaaS allows B2B SaaS businesses to integrate with multiple eCommerce platforms and marketplaces through its unified API. It enables to connect to WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, eBay, Amazon, and others at once. API2Cart provides around 100 API methods to get, update, add and synchronize store data like products, orders, customers, shipments, etc. It allows testing its functionality completely free of charge for 30 days.


Prices begin at 500 dollars per month


Jitterbit supports extensive workflow features, a variety of connections, real-time integration, additional data protection features, as well as a no-brainer graphical designer to expedite the setup and monitoring procedures. Jitterbit works well for businesses that do not have a professional developer to carry out tasks. The platform also enables software to incorporate artificial intelligence within their operations.


Price on Request

Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi offers integration services for on-premises systems, cloud platforms, and SaaS services. It provides a comprehensive set of services, including API development, application installation, workflows, B2B administration, and many others.

Boomi Atom, Boomi's run-time toolkit, enables the deployment of customized integrations at a specific place. It is a more efficient and intelligent solution for improved business results.


Prices begin at 549 dollars per month.


Workato connects business stakeholders and IT by allowing both sides to develop, implement, and manage connections between multiple systems. It enables companies to create customized integrations with a straightforward drag-and-drop interface. It offers self-service tools for on-premises as well as cloud-based solutions. Companies can even utilize Workato to develop automated processes that connect applications that execute user-created tasks. It employs a combination of applications, events, and actions, with 300+ corporate applications now available.


Price on Request


Zapier is the next solution on the list of cost-effective iPaaS solutions, with an extra user-friendly methodology. It features a large integrations repository, to which the system introduces additional zaps each week. Zapier is a simple-to-use yet comprehensive integration tool for new businesses that offer them out-of-the-box options from the start.


Basic Plan - Free
Starter Plan - 20 dollars per month
Professional Plan - 50 dollars per month


iPaaS gives you the most flexibility to fulfill all of your technological and operational level needs. It enables organizations to integrate applications and services, allowing for the automation of complex processes and the access of real information from numerous sources. Once this data is evaluated, it will become a valuable resource for your business. The greatest thing is that with an iPaaS platform in action, you can immediately link all of your business services to a unified platform and streamline your business operations.

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