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3G = Scooter
4G = Bicycle
5G = Car

They all get you where you're going, but at different speeds.


Slight variant, trying to express availability:

3G = Running, you can do that almost anywhere
4G = Cycle hire, faster but only available near lots of people
5G = Monorail, you need to be in a big city

I'm tempted to include options for:
Edge (2.5G - running but with your laces tied together), GPRS (2G - walking) and GSM data (1G - waiting for your toddler to catch up)..



Limited data plan on a fast connection! When will ISP learn!?


Hahaha. Interesting analogy. Makes sense.

I guess the "faster" I can go (car), the relatively dangerous it becomes to use? Anyway thanks for the perspective.