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In the past five years, four times I have made the transition from working in an office to working from home.

I currently wanna transition to remote work at my current employment. Doing remote is absolutely possible and I can't think of any delimiting factors that stops from happening.

My only concern now is how to present that option to my employer in a convincing way.

How did your convince your employer to transition to remote?



That's a great question and worthy of an entirely separate post (just managing bringing up the subject and the transition).

But in short, I would start with ensuring they're okay with any sort of remote working. That means that they're okay with the occasional "work from home" say when your cable needs repair or that plumber is coming by to fix the sink.

If they're not okay with that, I highly doubt they'll be open to any sort of remote work arrangement.

But chances are they are okay, and that's when you take the step of asking. I'd start the conversation explaining the advantages of remote work for the employer (better productivity for you mainly). Explain how it's much easier for you to get work done from home, due to the lack of distractions.

Then, reassure them on all the ways they'll be able to contact you if needed. I think that's the two main concerns for an employer. Will this affect project work and how will I get in contact/know this person is being productive.

Also, start out at 1 day per week working from home. Do that for a month or so, then start the transition to 2-3 days, then 3-4, then finally if it all works, jump to full-time remote.

Best of luck!

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