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I think the word "System" on its own will be hard to unpack without context.

The context in which the word System is used, is where and how the understanding will be made.

Solar System - Solar is the context

Operating System

Angular Module System


but I’m often unsure what people specifically mean when they use that word in our industry.

I think what they specifically mean will be obvious in the preceding conversation that's been happening.


Hi, I am totally agree with you. In the context of engineering, or especially in computer engineering:

System can be looked as higher level of implementation complexity such that any abstract concept that follow architecture design can be applied.

I love used information theory as an example. At 1948, Claude Shannon surprise communication engineering world by offering 'system solution' to achieve minimum communication error. Yet, his great idea let many universities to open new study in 'information system' where many young people 'hopefully' capable to implement mathematical concept in order to improve capability of any standard information architectures in the industry or invent their own information innovations.

I think 'machine learning' can be looked as innovation of information, since it open new field called as 'feature engineering' which reduce need of expert in the practice of information system.

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