re: Should I use GitHub pages for my blog instead of WordPress? VIEW POST


I am using WordPress on my blog and I think it is overkilling

"Overkilling"? What do you mean by that?

Simply get a lean wordpress template and you could still hit under 3-5 seconds of page loads time or even better.

Personally, I felt using wordpress was "overkill" when I started blogging about my web experiences here. However, leveraging available plugins for certain features proved to be a very useful thing after a few months.

In summary, my answer would be NO. I've not used Github pages that much to learn how flexible it is, but WordPress has a lot packed in, and you think you might not need some of these packaged features, but you WILL pretty soon.


Do you mean that serving blog pages in 3-5 seconds can be considered acceptable? For such low requirements, I’d still prefer a static site generator. Latest full cms I’ve built from scratch with Elixir/Phoenix and PostgreSQL serves pages between 20microsecs and 100millisecs when hosted on a 5$/month DigitalOcean droplet.

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