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Interesting to know this ain't happening only in our part of the world.

Some years ago, someone claimed he had built the "first African OS", and the "first African Browser". This, someone, was even referred to as the "Mark Zuckerberg of Africa" by Forbes ( the article was written by someone in search of the rich in the world).

This same person was later touted as "Larry Page" of Ghana.

Recently, another person rose up claiming to have built a 'Search Engine' that will be a Google and Yahoo and YouTube Killer.

The last I checked, YouTube has NO RIVAL anywhere in the world, and yet, a sociology student from a mass-production-graduate university somewhere in West Africa claims to have built something to rival YouTube, Google, and Yahoo combined! That must be some balls there!

In fact, it was just a metasearch engine. This so-called search engine accumulated millions of subscribers in just a short period of time.

To the extent that, this TV presenter who had/has NO idea what he's talking about, took up the false mantle!

My point is, considering the growing number of dumb people in the world, individuals and business are gonna exploit them via tergiversate terms, and throw dust in their eyes more and more.

Unfortunately, the end game is always that, those who try to shine a light on it are considered 'Jealous' and 'haters'. I've been called a Naysayer once!

In our part of the world, many, have, through this means, made headways into levels unscrupulously. Of course, their lies will carry them ahead a bit, but their deeds will fall them.

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