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I've taken a look and the earliest contribution I could find: (OMG ...astonished myself):


Sun Jun 15 14:37:58 1997  Karl Berry  <karl@cs.umb.edu>

* doc/texinfo.texi (Command List): Various commands missing or
From: Karl_Heinz_Marbaise@p69.ks.fido.de.

* makeinfo/makeinfo.c: Oops, failed to break out of loop.

* util/texindex.c: Use <getopt.h> not "getopt.h".

* All source files: Merge gettext changes from Karl E.;
his ChangeLog entries below.

This means this contribution is more than 20 years old...with a strange email address: Karl_Heinz_Marbaise@p69.ks.fido.de.

At this time CVS (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concurrent_V...) was used. At that time pull request didn't even exist ;-)

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