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[ALPHA 0.1] Chat System Work

This is a "tutorial" of how was made the ALPHA 0.1 chat system of the Kingdom Hearts Re:Back Cover fan game remake of Kingdom Hearts Union cross mobile, enjoy.

(DISCLAIMER: all of what you will find in this post of the ALPHA 0.1 was made in Godot 3.5.1 and yet still in progress but in Godot 4.1)

So i started the project on a CanvasLayer node
Image description
then i made a child control node to confine the zone were i could work on
Image description
now it should look like this.

Then as a child of the control node I just created i'll add some Tabs node that will be the different type of chats and after ranaming them it should look like this:

Image description

last but not least we'll add some RichLabelText and a LineEdit to make the real chat to every tab node we created and the resoult should be this:

Image description

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