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PPC Hacks: 7 Effective Strategies to Save Money on PPC Ads

Kevin Urrutia
Kevin Urrutia is the founder of Voy Media, a Facebook Marketing Agency based in New York. Voy Media believes in the power of Facebook advertising in helping businesses to boost their sales, and improv
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With your PPC campaigns, it all comes down to making more with less. Even seasoned advertisers are always looking for innovative ways to optimize their campaigns to help them save more money.

If you have a business, saving money on PPC can determine your success (or failure).

So if you are reading this post, you have come to the right place. We have gathered all the money-saving PPC tips in a single post. Applying it to your strategy can even help your ad budget go further.

1. Write a good ad copy

One of the best ways to save money on PPC ads is to create a better ad copy. That’s because an excellent ad copy boosts your CTR, which in turn improves your Quality Score.

If you are a PPC agency in New York, for example, you need to focus on Quality Score in order to run a cost-effective campaign.

Creating an enticing, descriptive copy for your PPC ads will make a significant difference; you can hire a professional content provider.

Moreover, your headline is important. There are times that people will read your headlines first before deciding to click your link or not. Ideally, it should include your target keywords and call-to-action, promos (like a special sale) and other elements.

When you fail to deliver a clear and concise message with your ads, your ad copy would not gain any traction.

2. Pick the right ad network

Choosing the right ad network is something that you should focus on especially if you want your ad spend to be reasonable.

Here’s the thing, various ad networks have different levels of inventory. Meaning, there are ad networks that have “less ad space” so the competition tends to be higher, elevating its price.

There are also networks, like LinkedIn, that do not have cheap ad spaces, mostly because they are catering to the B2B market, a group of people that could generally afford higher ad costs.

So if you are just starting out, there are two ideal networks that you can begin with: AdWords and Facebook ad Adwords.

Note that AdWords can be costly for newbies. Meanwhile, Facebook is generally the cheaper alternative. The good thing about Facebook is that has a lot of users, and your target audience is most likely in that network.

3. Look for new keywords to target

When it all comes down to saving money, what other advertisers will do is to decrease their spend or reduce their bids.

But one of the most effective ways to save money on PPC is to find new keywords to target. Looking for new keywords and targeting long-tail keywords can have a significant effect on your click-through rates, raising your quality score, at the same time reducing costs.

4. Add Negative Keywords

There will be times that your ads will be triggered by terms that have your keywords but are not so relevant to the nature of your business.

Let’s say, you are selling camping tents online, and you picked “camping” as your broad keyword. Then, your ad might be shown to people that are looking for camping destinations.

There is not a guarantee that they will be interested in camping tents, specifically. So, some of your ads will be ineffective as you try to entice them with your offer.

Placing negative keywords will help solve this problem, ensuring that every dollar you are spending is helping you attract qualified leads. These negative keywords will tell AdWords to not show your ads to people who perform searches using particular words.

5. Schedule your ads

Perhaps you prefer only showing your ads on particular days. For instance, only during business hours so that you can better handle customers.

In fact, a lot of people are not aware of the fact that AdWord campaigns can be set to show only on “specific days and hours.”

So, let’s say you studied your sales history and you found out that most of your conversions are taking place within 1-3 PM in the normal workweek. You can set a bid adjustment so that you can boost your bid for a specific time.

Also, this will ensure that you are not running your ads on weekends if you know that the workdays are giving you better results, and your budget is only limited.

Take a closer look at your conversion history and know the peak hours for your ads. Otherwise, you are just flushing money down the drain.

6. Refine match types

A single PPC setting can burn even the biggest ad budgets. Keyword match types that are too broad will be hard for your wallet, so you must check appropriately these ad types first.

Note that some search terms are more competitive, and therefore more expensive than some. There are also times where you cannot avoid utilizing particular match types for other search terms.

So, you always need to make sure that you are not wasting cash on irrelevant match types.

7. Optimize your funnel

You can also save more money on your PPC ads by optimizing your funnel. Meaning that you should take the necessary steps to create more revenue, but from the same ad spend.

Let’s say you are earning $100 from a $50 ad spend. When you optimize your funnel, you can double that to $200 with the same ad spend.

So, it is something that you need to take note of if you want to make your ad spend more efficient, and way to save more money in the long run.

Over to You

So there you have it. These PPC tips and strategies will help take your business to the next level. You can utilize this to improve your business’ paid ad campaigns, and you can also use them for search ads, paid ads, Facebook ads, and so on.

What’s great about it is that these ads are easy to implement, and you can easily apply them in your own PPC strategy.

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