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Dendron - A Hierarchical Tool for Thought

Dendron is a note-taking tool I've been thinking about building for much of the last decade.

All note taking tools help you put notes in, but after a point, they all make it difficult to get your notes back out. Dendron helps you find your notes no matter how many notes you have and works better the more notes you have.

Dendron works by taking a hierarchal first approach to note taking. It provides users with flexible hierarchies that can be used to create, manage, and reference any amount of notes.

Dendron starts with the foundation of flexible hierarchies and builds on top of this foundation with other constructs such as tags, backlinks, and note references (a means to embed notes within other notes). This is so to arrive at a usable centers between purely networked notes (which are often too flexible) and purely hierarchal notes (which are often too rigid).

You can read more about our methodology and try out our tool by visiting our site.

ps. We officially launched on product hunt today. Would love to hear feedback and comments on our product hunt page!

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