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CSS Tip of the Day

kevinpowell profile image Kevin Powell ・2 min read

I'm a self-described CSS evangelist. I know a lot of people don't like it very much for a whole range of reasons, but I really do think it's a wonderful language.

While I realize this won't convert everyone, I thought it'd be fun to highlight some fun things we can do with CSS, as well as show some of the newer things that CSS has on offer that make our lives a lot easier, so I've decided to start the #CSSTipOfTheDay.

Originally I wasn't sure if I'd just do this for only January, but we're only 5 days in and the reception has been so good I feel like I need to try and see if I can't pull this off for all of 2020.

Tip of the day #5: blending modes

There are easily enough awesome things we can do with CSS that I should be able to pull it off for the entire year!

I'll occasionally be posting roundup some of the more popular ones here, as well as over on my website, and I might do a video roundup of them on YouTube from time to time as well.

If you don't want to miss out on any of them though, I'd encourage you to give me a follow over on Twitter or Instagram, where I'm posting the tips daily.

Tip of the day #5: scroll-behavior: smooth

If you know of any awesome CSS tips that you think I should share, please leave a comment below. I have a file with a tonne of them already planned, but if I'm going to hit 365, I'd be a fool not to accept community suggestions as well 😂

I realize that little tips like this won't really help people grasp CSS if they've been struggling with it, but hopefully, it can help people see what it's capable of and maybe inspire them to dig a little deeper!

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