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5/2 - Groundhog week

The 2nd Feb was Groundhog day 🐗, a perfect excuse - if you needed one - to watch your favourite groundhog movies, and if you are tired of watching the same old movie every year (oh the irony). then you could do worse than watching Palm Springs or The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

Carol Rennie Logan has a really good post on using the cache tag helper for core in Umbraco. Its a useful reminder to take a look at all the cool extra things that are now available to us Umbraco devs now we are using dotnet core. The community package Our.Umbraco.TagHelpers also has a bunch of useful Umbraco specific tag helpers which are well worth a look.

I got a new PC this week 🥳 which does mean I am going through the pain Joy of setting everything up again.

One of the little things that makes a big difference, especially when you need to test code works on different platforms, is making a folder case sensitive on Windows. Its not the only thing you need to do when testing things work on Linux but it does make testing a lot quicker.

Of course I will also setting up the Windows Terminal the Scott Hanselman way. dropping in UmbSense for Umbraco back office intelisense, and putting in some custom PowerShell scripts so I can install and run new Umbraco sites in ~30 seconds

In the Umbraco world there has been quite a bit of discussion about IIS vs IIS Express vs Kestrel this week and the best way to develop with an Umbraco 9 site. Personally I am embracing my new netcore overlords, and trying things with dotnet run and vscode. This article on How to configure urls for Kestrel, WebListener and IIS express in ASP.NET Core is worth a read.

The thing I've learnt about launchSettings.json this week, is that you can put wildcards in the host names for Kestrel, so https://*:54221 will allow you to work with different host names while testing.

An finally in response to a post from Warren Buckley. Marc Goodson reminded me of probably one of the best simple tips there is when working with Umbraco.

I sometimes like to also up the units for each level i go, (e.g using 100, 1000, 10000 as i go down the tree) but that really just shows my age because no one uses inherited content types anymore right ?

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