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Is worth use frameworks or modules?

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Hi, this days i was learning node and the NPM system.
I checked a couple of modules to make my develops more faster and im trying to search good practices in node.
I tryed to make an auth system with PassportJS usign roles and the classic "remember me", finally I did it, but learn
all this new system of passport, how it works, how should i call the functions, cookies, sessions... tooks me 3 days.
I made a system like this in plain PHP (no frameworks, just php files and queries) a couple of months ago, and Im pretty sure
I can do the same in node in 1 day, but here's my question.
How worth is it, how worth is learn to use a complex module with bad DOC like passport to implement a simple login system,
is bad if I made in simple NodeJs? (just connecting to my database and making queries and checking emails and something like that)
Is bad? Is good?
Imagine a enterprise contacts me to build a new login system, should I use passport (with no Sequelize module) or maybe should I use the classic system? (making my own queries, checking...)
How worth is use this modules or frameworks to made simple projects

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