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For me it usually comes down to what package management tool the distro uses by default and how up to date the software in the repositories are that I’m likely to used - from there, there’s not too much difference between common desktop Linux distros in my opinion


Are you working in a Linux shop right now? If you are, please consider whatever distro they are using, it may be a little awkward at first, but it would probably be a boon to your productivity at work. Linux is Linux... until suddenly you find out how many default tools, filesystem layouts and behaviors you count on are wildly different.


If you’re looking to switch just to try something new, it might be worth checking out a rolling distro like Tumbleweed or Arch.

If you’re looking for something that fits better with your workflow, you could always look at changing your desktop environment to something more suitable.

Right now, Ubuntu with i3 is my choice.


Check out fedora, it's pretty nice and designed for developers. Or elementary os, it's one of the best. Very smooth and simple.


Choosing a Linux Distro is based on what exactly you need like Kali(for exploits) or Tails(secure encryption) if u want something all around ubuntu is kind the best out there in my opinion

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