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Your hardest project experience

What is your hardest project either it's personal or work project you've worked or currently working on?

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My supervisor many years ago. He told me to use Python for a data evaluation project as it was his preferred programming language. I didn't know Python until that day but started to learn, implemented a lot of things and waited for the moment he would start coding, too. But he always was to busy. It wasn't until he did the correction of my report about my work that I realised that he wasn't able to code in any language at all.

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Diego (Relatable Code)

Hardest project was migrating an entire code of AngularJS code to React. It was a great learning experience but it was definitely difficult scoping everything out. It was also a one-man job so there was a lot of responsibility placed on my shoulders.

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Mayank Narula

My personal project in which I involved few juniors also , mentored them and they showed interest for a while but as time went on the project is still not complete and we are only 10% done. Really lot of learning and unlearning going on in both hard and soft skills.