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My own preferable way to make memories of my own project

I have been developing my own project, which is replicating Quora website for my own portfolio and skill improvement in web development. The project's still in progress, there's still a lot of improvement to make. For a better understanding of what I make, this is the original Quora's home page(before they updated to last version).

This is the original Quora's home page

And this is my own version of Quora, using React JS for frontend, NodeJS for backend and PostgreSQL for database
This is my own version of Quora

Now, how do I make my project more memorable? I make a Word file inside the project's repository which contains the project's development from the first day. Each time I have done with my project development, I will write everything of what I've done to the project for the day. For more details you can check my Github repository

Image description

You can see a Readme Progress.docx on the repository. You can download it to see the project's development since day 1. This is what it looks like.
Image description

So yeah, it's like a diary but for project development. I am so happy each time I read it, because I can see how much my projects improved since day 1. It feels like watching your plant growing from a small seed to full grown beautiful flower.

What do you guys think?

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