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How to disable telemetry in Strapi πŸ“Š

Strapi contains a feature in which anonymous and otherwise non-sensitive data is collected. Like any other software, the main aim is to provide the best experience to users.

What data is collected ?

  • Unique project ID (generated with UUID)
  • Unique machine ID (generated with node-machine-id)
  • Environment state (development, staging, production)
  • System information (OS)
  • Build configurations

Of course, no personal data is collected and any data collected is secured, encrypted and anonymized.

How do I disable Telemetry in Strapi ?

Simply, please remove uuid in your strapi app’s package.json file.
Before :
Alt Text

After :
Alt Text

If you have any questions regarding collected data usage in Strapi, do not hesitate to send an email to

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