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Tracks Not At RailsConf 2024

RailsConf 2024

I'm on the RailsConf 2024 Program Committee. We just released the program for this year's event, and I hope you'll join us!

One thing we don't have are formally-themed tracks. In past years, our CFP might have included prompts for different topics. Or we'd group some talks in publicly-shared and advertised ways.

We aren't doing that this year. That lets us focus on the overall conference theme: building with Rails. However, that didn't stop me from brainstorming a list of possible tracks, in case we did want to add them in.

The following is a list of what could have been, but will not be: tracks that are not part of the RailsConf 2024 program.

Lend an Enginear

Story Time! Gather round to hear harrowing tales of software development. Was the bug coming from inside the framework? What can we learn from these experiences? Follow the hero's journey of these presenters. Listen to adventures both imagined and too strange for fiction.

Rails Train-ing

Unlock new perspectives on using the Rails toolbox. Talks in this track will help you level up on Rails functionality. They'll build up a stronger understanding of framework features.

Rails Engine-uity

This track highlights people combining Rails with other concepts. This may include a variety of front-end tools. It may show connecting with different data sources. I'm sure there are things I can't even imagine that submitters would surprise us with.

Railway Maintenance

We're all about setting ourselves up for long-haul success here. How can we prevent future pain in managing our applications? How can we get ourselves out of sticky situations? What tools, systems, and mindsets make our apps more amenable to change? How can we otherwise make our apps better in the future?

Express Rail

Here is a one-way ticket to building foundational Rails knowledge. Talks in this track assume no prior experience for the audience. This track will bring you up to speed quickly.

Freight Transport

This is where all the heavy technical talks combine in one long train traveling down the same track. Talks may dig into details on Rails source code. They could explore dreams for the future.

Passenger Train

The Ruby community is so delightful because of the people in it. These talks highlight that. They provide insight on how to improve our human connection, to code and each other.

Tunnel Vision

Talks in this track are deep dives on specific topics. Here is a chance for speakers to get into intense detail. Share the knowledge that it feels like only you know. Combine the wisdom of the community on one area in a tight package.

RailsConf 2024 Program

While those tracks aren't in this year's program, we have lots of amazing sessions that are. Get your ticket today!

There may also be some subtle ordering to the schedule. What themes do you see? What sessions are you looking forward to? Let me know!

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