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How I learned React JS and React Native by building fun project

kevilondo profile image Kevin Ilondo ・2 min read

I have always wanted to learn React, but I never had the motivation the learn it, well, let's say I easily got bored 😑, but I had this idea of apps that I wanted to build and I thought that was going to be the best way to learn more about React and React Native!

Referencer App

This app helps you cite a book, online article or any other source you used for your paper, using the Harvard referencing style. This app thought me how to use React Navigation, string manipulation, states, React hooks, etc
The name of the app is Referencer-Harvard Style

Super Hero Roster

This app gives you all the information you need about comic book characters. It uses an API called Superhero. Here is a link to the github repo, you are more than welcome to clone it and use it for learning purpose.

Quiz App for Naruto and Anime fans

I created this app to practice what I already learned so far with my previous apps, the only difference is that I built the API myself with PHP and Laravel. If you want to check it out,
The name of the app is Shinobi Quiz

I have learned a lot by building these apps, and I think this way of doing things is really good for those who are getting started in React and React Native development.

The moral of the story is, try to have fun while coding, build apps that might be useful to you, something you and/or your friends could use on a daily basis if possible. It will boost your confidence and help improve your coding skills.

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