An Idea To Build Open Source For Animal Welfare

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I am not good at writing, but I have an open source idea for animal welfare (this is just a rough idea) which in particular in Indonesia is a lot of people throwing away and abandoning their pets just because they (pets) have grown up, people only love their pets when they were puppies. There are even pets that are traded only to be consumed by the human.

Fortunately, now people have started to realize that because many animal defenders give them education and I want to help them (animal defender), I'm just a front end dev who loves animal p.s most animal defenders have their own shelter.

The point is I want to build an application that is connected with an animal defender, if people see abandoned animals, people will send their location or maybe chat or something and the application will send an alert or push notification to the closest animal defender.

The application might have some features to adopt pets (with terms and conditions) and others.

Again, this is just a rough idea, but I really want to build this project

If you have an idea, please mention it.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

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Excellent idea, if you will have a legal question also solved, I would definitely go for it!


And if you will, make sure to share the code on GitHub/GitLab in case some of us want to help / contribute :)


sure, because this is just a rough idea, I don't have any code or repo, still working on the database schema and wondering what tech stack should we use


Count me in! I will contribute as much as I can when it goes open source!


Great idea, let us know. I am sure lots of people will want to contribute.


Hey Kev,
Nice idea, I'm an animal lover myself. I hope you upload the code on Github I'll make sure I contribute.



of course, still working on it


Count me as a contributor, don't forget to share your repository link of github/gitlab.