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Building My Portfolio: A Journey into Full-Stack Development.

Hello everyone!

I'm delighted to announce that I've started a quest to establish my portfolio. As a recent graduate with a Master of Science in Management of Information Systems, a Master of Computer Applications, and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, I've decided to establish a project showcasing my full-stack programming talents and projects.
Project Overview
Technologies I'm Using:

  • Front-End:React
  1. Leveraging React's component-based architecture for a dynamic and responsive UI
  2. Utilizing modern JavaScript (ES6+), HTML5, and CSS3 for a seamless user experience
  • Back-End: Spring Boot
  1. Building robust and scalable server-side logic
  2. Managing data and form submissions efficiently

Why this project?
Creating a portfolio is a wonderful approach for me to demonstrate my knowledge of web development, both front-end and back-end. It not only displays my technical ability, but it also acts as a creative outlet for me to demonstrate my design and problem-solving capabilities.

What to Expect during this endeavour,
I will:

  • Share insights and tutorials about building components with React.
  • Discuss how to integrate React with Spring Boot for full-stack apps.
  • Provide advice on CSS styling and developing a responsive design.
  • Document the problems I face and how I overcome them.

Current Progress
I've established the fundamental framework of my React application and created the initial layout of my portfolio. Next, I'll work on integrating interactive components and linking the front-end to my Spring Boot backend.

Why learn in public?
Learning in public is a great way to get feedback, connect with the development community, and stay motivated. I'm excited to interact with other devs, exchange ideas, and grow together.

Please contact me if you are working on a similar project or have any tips to provide. Let us study and build together!

Stay tuned for additional information about my portfolio project.

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