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From Restaurant to Devops Introduction

Devops can be explained as a simple break down development and Devops is not a job or a skill it is a cultural change which is opted by different company. Hence it is important to learn devops to increase productivity and efficiency of any company.

Let’s us understand it with a simple example of a Restaurant. Let us imagine the chef of a restaurant as development unit and the waiters as a operation unit. Now, if we don’t synchronise them both the whole working of a restaurant will be disturbed let us understand this.

Now if a customer came into restaurant and orders two burger and now the operation unit i.e waiter in our case takes the order and bring that order to development team i.e chef in our case which will make burger and give it to the waiter which will give it to the customer.

Now the waiter doesn’t know the recipe of making burger which can be related as developer’s code and chef doesn’t know to whom he’s making burger for and on which table he have to give the burger but still they both are connected in some way which will help the burger to reach from the chef to the right person.

Hence this whole procedure of the coordination of waiter (operation unit) and chef (development team) without actually knowing their work is known as DEVOPS.

Devops can be break down into three terms:



Cultural change

In all three people generally people focuses on methods and tools but the most important part is cultural change which should be opted in all companies after that they should focus on methods and tools.

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