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Send notes that will self-destruct after being read | Private Note | Privnote

The idea behind SafeNote is simple, yet very powerful: sending a note that can be deleted immediately after it has been read. Remember the self-destructing messages in the Mission Impossible series? Pretty much the same thing, but without the need of becoming a wold-class spy to have this technology at your fingertips.

SafeNote’s practical interface allows you to write a message, and with a single click, a unique URL is generated. You can send this link to the person the message is intended for. When the message has been read, the link is no longer available. As a cherry on top of the pie, you receive an email when the recipient has read your message. If you want to send a file instead of a message, SafeNote also allows you to do so. Do you want to send the message to multiple recipients? You can easily configure SafeNote to determine the time the message shall be available, and during that time window, you can send the link to all the people you desire. If after 30 days the message hasn’t been read SafeNote deletes it, ensuring that your information is not stored in any way whatsoever.

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