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Using the GROW Model to Set Learning Goals

I'm currently dipping my toes into learning React JS and wanted to plan out my approach so that I stick to my goals and don't get distracted along the way.

I recently read about the GROW model and thought that I would give it a spin while learning React.

What is the GROW model?

The GROW model was developed in the '80s by business coaches Graham Alexander, Alan Fine, and Sir John Whitmore. It is a great tool for setting learning goals as the model requires you to think about the following 4 steps:

GOAL - What is the goal you want to achieve?

REALITY - Where are you currently?

OBSTACLES / OPTIONS - What obstacles are in your way of achieving the goal and/or what options are available to help you achieve it?

WAY FORWARD - This is the plan that will get you to where you want to be.

My GROW model for learning React

So now we know a bit more about the parts of the model, lets break them down for my specific learning goal:


Learn React well enough to be confident creating a project using it. I would love to create a portfolio site to showcase my work.


I have no prior knowledge of React, and my JavaScript skills are probably a little rusty!


I'm currently working full time as a junior developer and have other responsibilities outside of work so time to dedicate to learning will be limited.


Blocking out an hour or so a day before or after work to dedicate to learning React.

I could also utilise the time spent driving into the office listening to podcasts to further improve my understanding and gain another perspective from more senior developers.


Create a roadmap of topics to learn and find resources for these.

Utilise the amazing communities I'm part of. Tech is unlike any other group I've ever been a part of - people are so willing to help others, share their knowledge and raise them up.

Build all the things! Create small apps along the way to really cement my learning.

I would love to hear if you've ever used a similar method to plan out some independent learning and how you stay accountable to your goals, or if you have any tried and true methods for learning React - feel free to leave me a comment below ๐Ÿ˜Š

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