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Discussion on: Being a good programmer vs. Having a good health

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I've found that changing tasks that needs to be done into a game works surprisingly well.

I can be in the form of an app, stickers on a sheet, excel file... List what needs to be done (gym, chores, etc...) and assign rewards and bonuses to each.
Make sure there is a list to complete, since we humans like to see progress visually.

At the most extreme case you could even reward computer time for each task completed.

The list doesn't need to be long, it just needs to exists. You can also take part into this activity too! Don't forget to split the list into smaller tasks when needed.

Good luck!

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Iren Korkishko Author

Thank for the advise, mlaj! But unfortunately, small tasks are taken as a waste of time and he doesn't like when it's something he is forced to do.