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Discussion on: How much time on average do you spent coding outside of full-time work?

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For me (backend dev) it's around 0 hours. I have decided that I would not work outside of work.
I go to the gym, play Kin-ball and I also do target shooting (recurve bow). This mixed with the appartment, girlfriend, family and friends, I only have a little free time that I use to play video games.

I've found that I often overworked myself by programming outside of my work hours. I have regular "available" time at work which lets me work on pretty much whatever I want.
I also read a lot during my commute. That includes reading in

The only thing that I've programmed outside of work hours this year was a small script to calculate my household expenses/budget.

Remember to have fun too!

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Lenmor Ld Author

That's a good rundown of a sustainable habit. Thanks!

Kin-ball is definitely something new to me

When I'm not coding after work, I'm online-gaming. And sometimes I would get really competitive and pissed on not winning that I look back at the 3-4 hours (sometimes more) and be like, "man I probably would have been happier if I just coded"

But yes, definitely a sweet spot to hit there with coding vs leisure