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Get More Done Using a Hack Learned from Twitch Streamers

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I've noticed that reducing any friction on my side project is a HUGE productivity boost.

Reducing the number of steps to get to the actual coding part is critical, especially when tackling small tasks.

I found a simple way to launch my side project with the push of one button.

Now when I want to work on my side project, all I have to do is press one button and my dev environment spins up and my project builds automatically.


I learned this trick from Twitch streamers.

Some streamers use a device called a Stream Deck. It's a small hardware device that lets you launch macros with the push of a button.

Streamers use these to display certain graphics, apply sound effects, and more in their streams.

I found that El Gato, the maker of the stream deck, also publishes an app version of the stream deck.

*I've started using it in my dev workflow and have found it to be great productivity boost for me. *

Here's a link to the El Gato Stream Deck app for anyone curious.

You can set up different commands, macros, etc, and control your computer through the app.

I have a variety of shortcuts set up.

  • The green staircase opens a folder with various commands for starting my project Deliberate Python.
  • The owl is a folder with commands for my day job project.
  • GH is a shortcut that types my github URL.
  • LI is a shorcut that types my LinkedIn URL.
  • Stack overflow, github, notion, and hacker news are all shortcuts as well. These buttons open a browser and navigates to those URL's

How I used to get started on adding features to my project:

  1. Open terminal
  2. Navigate to my project
  3. code deliberatepython/front-end
  4. run npm start in vs code
  5. Switch over to another desktop so I can open the backend code in that workspace
  6. Go back to terminal
  7. code my_backend_project
  8. pyenv shell deliberatepython
  9. uvicorn sql_app.main:app --reload

Using the Stream Deck app

  1. Press the Front-end button on the stream deck app and let it complete all the front-end steps If I need the backend spun up, then I just:
  2. Press back-end button on the stream deck app and let it complete all the back-end steps.

I've noticed that I'm able to work on small features easier when I only have 10-20 minutes here and there using this system. It's been such a big productivity boost.


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