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Installing Realtek 802.11ac driver for Kali Linux

kengste profile image Keng Hong ・1 min read

This is a short snippet of code on the installation of Realtek 802.11ac driver for Kali Linux.

apt update
apt install bc -y
git clone
cd rtl88x2BU_WiFi_linux_v5.3.1_27678.20180430_COEX20180427-5959
VER=$(sed -n 's/\PACKAGE_VERSION="\(.*\)"/\1/p' dkms.conf)
sudo rsync -rvhP ./ /usr/src/rtl88x2bu-${VER}
sudo dkms add -m rtl88x2bu -v ${VER}
sudo dkms build -m rtl88x2bu -v ${VER}
sudo dkms install -m rtl88x2bu -v ${VER}
sudo modprobe 88x2bu

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pansyhb profile image

YOU are Awesome! thanks for the code!! I'm pretty new to Kali Linux and have been struggling the past couple of days to figure this out. Thank you sooooo much!