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Rob Kendal {{☕}}
Rob Kendal {{☕}}

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The Front End Podcast - Episode #8

That's right folks, it's time for another episode and this one is very exciting! Check it out on The Front End.

In episode eight I'm joined by Emma Bostian, a prominent software engineer in the tech Twitter community who works at Spotify. Emma talks to us about the technical interview: the good, the bad, where it can be improved and how it can be useful in hiring the best developers. We also talk about increasing diversity in tech roles and how Emma got into software engineering.

You can also find Emma on Dev too!

Listen to episode 8 today on the following channels:

About episode 8

Emma is a software engineer at Spotify. She's worked at a number of high-profile firms and has seen her fair share of good and bad hiring processes. Emma kindly joins us to talk about how to improve the technical interview, where it's useful and how to get it right.

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